With transportation into the city available right outside your RV, Cherry Hill Park will make your visit to D.C. seamless. Hop aboard one of the country's cleanest and safest public transportation system, or let yourself be taken care of on Gray Line's guided tours. Our office staff is ready to spend time with you, exploring the best touring options for you and your family. Come with a list five pages long of sites you want to see, or show up knowing nothing about the city! We'll help you put together the perfect trip for your crew.

Public Transportation: the Metro System

The D.C. public transportation system is comprehensive, safe, and easy to use. City busses stop in the campground hourly, and take you to a Metro stop only minutes away. Running continuously, the Metro will take you straight into the city. Color-coded maps make the system easy to learn, even if you've never ridden on a bus or a subway. After your first ride, you'll feel like a real Washingtonian.

The bus runs from Cherry Hill Park to the closest DC Metro station.

City Bus Schedule

Cherry Hill Park Explains the Metro

Guided Tours: Gray Line

Gray Line guided tours pick up twice a day inside the campground, and will take you on a full- or half-day sightseeing trips. An excellent way to orient yourself with the city, guided tours allow you to see a lot in a small period of time, giving you a jump start for when you decide to venture into the city on your own.

*Shuttles picks up at our park from April to October (additional $2 shuttle fee).

Driving into the City

Though we will always try our best to convince you to take advantage of the ease of alternative transportation methods, driving is always an option! Visit our main office, and the staff will provide directions for the best ways to drive to any of the sightseeing destinations or the closest Metro station.